I realized recently that I spend most of my time rushing to the next event. I’m curious about this awareness I have stumbled upon. It’s not as if the current event I am participating in is not fun, not interesting, or generally bad… it’s that I haven’t been able to master the ability to be in the moment.

For those who know me, I’m sure this is not a surprise… you’ve seen me do it – although I’m often not cognizant of it myself. I wonder what would happen if I truly lived in the present instead of constantly thinking about the other things I need to do, the other people I need to see, or the laundry that’s piling up.

Well… I am about to find out. Dear readers, I have decided to go on a journey (starting today!) to find out what will happen if a busy bee like myself focuses on and lives in the moment. I’ll be blogging about my journey, so stay tuned… and wish me luck!!