I have recently taken on a new cause. A cause that is near and dear to my heart; a cause I want to truly be part of. However, I came to the hard truth this weekend that even though I want to be part of this in a leadership capacity, it doesn’t mean that I should.

Less than a week ago, I became certified to facilitate a course entitled, “Becoming a Totally Responsible Person.” It’s always interesting to me when things line up and become crystal clear.

Part of being an adult and truly being responsible is knowing when to say “enough is enough.” For me, this is a ridiculous thought. Of course I can take on one more thing! Why not?

It turns out the why not has to be just as important as the why I should.

I woke up this morning at 3:00am. This was the first indication that maybe this falls into a why not scenario. So I sat down and made a list of the why nots. It looked something like this:

  • I am not being fully present with my family. Oh, I’m there, but I’m not really. My mind is wandering. I’m thinking about all the things I must do, how I am going to get them done, and who I might disappoint. I have gotten off mission as my role as a mom and wife.
  • I am now neglecting my work. This does not come in the form of not getting things done. It comes in the form of not giving it my all. I have chosen other things above what I have deemed most important to me. I have gotten off mission with my role as leader.
  • I am not being fully present with the new cause. I truly wanted to take on a major role and be one of the founding members of this amazing organization. I have overcommitted and now will start under-delivering, which leads to guilt and burn-out. I have gotten off mission as my role as a volunteer.

I’m sure there are many more places that I have gotten off mission in such a short amount of time. I realized that for me, I must be able to say enough is enough. Learning to do so is proving to be a harder task than I imagined.

So for you, dear reader, the challenge is this: think about where in your life you might be getting off mission. And practice saying “what I am doing now is enough.”