Small to intermediate-sized businesses face two people-related challenges when focusing on expansion: training and retaining talent and managing a growing staff. Finding employee development resources for a company with a modest budget and smaller staff can be difficult, while creating the infrastructure to support a growing staff is an overwhelming but necessary task as a company moves from small to medium.

And so we give to you: our Partnership Program.

For those interested in leadership development, but can't afford the pricey workshops - this is right for you. Through our Partnership Program, up to five (5) organizations can receive our services at the discounted in-house rate. Each organization will be billed separately, while your employees (and you!) reap the benefits of continued leadership development.

There are two options for getting involved:

  • Host
    The host must have space for an on-site workshop of 15 - 25 participants, as well as be willing to make arrangements for workshop and participant needs.
  • Partner
    If you don't have the space for an on-site workshop, you can simply partner with another organization that does.

Need help getting started or want more details? We're here to help! We'd love to connect you with a hosting organization or help you form your own partnerships.